Faith Is Not always Easy!

"Blessed is the one who perseveres under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord has promised to those who love him." (James 1:12 NIV)

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Devotion 1    God Always Gives More Than We Can Imagine

Devotion 2    The Lord Is My Shepherd (Psalm 23)

Devotion 3    Abundant Joy Even During Difficult Days

Devotion 4    When Life Seems to Be Falling Apart

Devotion 5    Trials and Difficulties Help Develop Our Christian Character

Devotion 6    Surround Yourself With Godís Word, Prayer, and Praise

Devotion 7    My Salvation Story

Devotion 8    Linda and I Got Married Right Out of High School

Devotion 9    Restoration of My 1917 Model T

My Call        My Call to the Ministry

Devotion 10    Facing the Storms of Life

Devotion 11   Trusting God is Good for Your Health

Devotion 12   Facing the Storms of Life

Devotion 13   Praying in Faith

Devotion 14   Riches in Christ

Devotion 15   Gifts for Jesus

Devotion 16   My Source of Faith

Devotion 17   The Faithfulness of God

Devotion 18    Being Faithful to God

Devotion 19    Sing Heavens! Shout for Joy!

Devotion 20    Prayer and the Difference It Makes

Devotion 21    Heaven is My Real Home

Devotion 22     A Word of Encouragement

Devotion 23     We Are God's Family

Devotion 24      It is Well With My Soul

Devotion 25     He Has Given Me A New Song To Sing

Devotion 26     God Loves Us With An Everlasting Love

Devotion 27     Everything In Life Changes

Devotion 28     My Journey Continues

Devotion 29     What I've Learned About Prayer

Devotion 30     We Will Be Transformed

Devotion 31     Don't Be Hoodwinked By Satan

Devotion 32     Maintaining Faith In The Midst Of Trials: Hurricane Harvey 2017

Devotion 33     Joy in Trials

Devotion 34     My Help Comes From The Lord

Devotion 35     God, I Need a Special Sense of Your Presence Today

Devotion 36     Searching for God

Devotion 37     Bible Promises are to be Claimed in Faith

Devotion 38  Let God Handle Your Burdens

Devotion 39  God Gives Grace Generously

Devotion 40  Trusting God During Difficult Times

Devotion 41  What The Bible Says About Heaven

Devotion 42   Praying In Faith, Believing

Devotion 43   Jesus' Parable About The Mustard Seed

Devotion 44    Facing Trials With Joy

Devotion 45    Waiting for God's Answer

Devotion 46     Why Did God Choose to Heal Me

Devotion 47     Getting More Than We Deserve

Devotion 48     Hang On Tight To God

Devotion 49     Does God Really Care?

Devotion 50     Rest Assured God Will Not Leave Us Alone

Devotion 51     Because He Lives

Devotion 52     God Surrounds us with a Host of Angels

Devotion 53     How Angels Minister to Believers

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